Keep a Journal to Help You Sleep Better in Stressful Times

Between the global pandemic COVID-19, the shutdowns that have happened since it emerged, and the taking economy, there’s no debating that we are living in extremely stressful times.  We have written several articles over the last couple of months about sleeping better during these challenging times, and one of the main points in each is that stress can rob you of the rest you need to stay healthy and be productive.

If normal stress-busters such as exercise and distraction aren’t working, you may end up laying in bed staring at the ceiling … simply worrying rather than resting.  If you find that this is happening on a regular basis, you might try one more tactic — a worry journal.

Starting a worry journal is fairly easy. You sit down several hours before bedtime and write down what’s concerning you.  If you have ideas for solutions, maybe you could even write them as well.  Then, when it’s time to turn out the lights and go to bed, you close the book for the day and put it out of sight.

If this seems pretty simple, that’s because it is.  But, by giving an outlet to your stress and anxieties, you can hopefully get them out of your head long enough to get a good night’s rest.