Kid Sleep Issues May Indicate Problems

The Bowling Green (KY) Daily News had a great article this week about how sleep issues in children could indicate a more serious problem than just a kid who “isn’t a good sleeper”.  In the article, pediatrician Dr. Debra Sowell elaborates…

“A lot of people don’t think of pediatric sleep disorders as a problem,” said Tuyen Trinh, respiratory coordinator at Greenview Regional Hospital. “They think they’ll grow out of it.”

Often, the route to finding out if a child may have sleep problems begins with a visit to a pediatrician. Sowell said she regularly sees children with various sleeping problems, particularly sleep apnea, a disorder in which people stop breathing for short periods of time while they sleep because of a blockage in the airway.

“It could be sleep apnea, particularly if they snore,” she said. “Obese children seem to be at an increase of having trouble.”

Another doctor quoted in the article indicated that he’s seeing an increasing number of children with sleep apnea.

Read the entire article here.