Learning to Relax with a Sleep Class


Sleeping really should be one of the easiest and most natural thing to for all of us to do, but for some, it’s less than easy.  Countless businesses have sprung up offering a way to help you sleep.  One of the latest, however, has some promise.  

Inscape, a meditation studio in New York City, offers a “Deep Rest” class that, in several parts, helps you learn to settle down and get a better night’s rest.  According to a reporter from Coach:

In the room where the Deep Rest class takes place, called The Alcove, it’s all soft blue lighting, trippy decoration thanks to a kind of crocheted web hanging from the ceiling and audio of low, soothing sounds.

Mats set up with pillows, leg rests and blankets are arranged on the ground, and after leaving shoes and belongings outside, guests are instructed to choose one and lie down before a facilitator enters and takes a seat in the corner.

The facilitator stays for the session to make sure everyone’s comfortable and to gently wake anyone who falls asleep and starts snoring, but the class is guided by the recorded voice of a woman with a soothing Australian accent, which feels like a warm hug as it fills the room.

During the class, the recorded voice instructs participants to tense and relax various muscles, and then moves on to breathing exercises.  Participants frequently fall asleep not long into the program.  

Inscape also has an app that provides guided meditation.

Source: Coach