Left-Handedness Linked to Sleep Disorder

It can be difficult at times being left-handed when most of the rest of the world is right-handed.  On top of the inconveniences, new research shows that southpaws are also at a higher risk for a sleep disorder.

A recent study shows that people who are left-handed are more likely to suffer from Periodic Limb Movement Disorder. The condition is characterized by frequently moving or jerking limbs during sleep. The study group consisted of 100 people, of which 16 were left-handed and 84 were right-handed. After a sleep study, instances of Periodic Limb Movement Disorder were found in 69% of right-handed people and a whopping 94% of left handed people. Researchers say that this shows that the cause of PLMD may be within the part of the brain hemisphere that controls the left side of the body. Researchers noted that this was a small, controlled study and there is much room for further investigation.

Source: Geekosystem