Meet the Pillownauts

On September 22, 2013, SleepBetter will partner with JP Aerospace on a mission that will deliver five Pillows plus about 2,000 PongSat experiments into near space, as part of our Pillow in Space program.  The five cute, fluffy friends are the first Pillownauts in space, and you can watch them take off on our Pillow in Space page on Sunday, September 22 at 11:45 a.m.  Let’s meet our intrepid space explorers!

mcstuffy-patch2McStuffy O’Fluffigan

McStuffy O’Fluffigan and his mom, Jen Bjornsen, worked day and night, sending us postcards from every facet of their lives.  McStuffy likes playing with his brother and sister and playing in the washer.

Pillow Featherbed (Parent: Amanda B.)

Pillow Featherbed

Pillow Featherbed and his mom, Amanda Burden, sent dozens of postcards from their Rhode Island home.  He enjoys playing with his brothers, climbing trees, and riding on tractors.


Adorable little Pilwoah and his mother, Veronica Cuebas, hail from the great state of Texas, where they love to cook, play dress-up, and play with Pilwoah’s brother.



Phil O.T. Pillow

Phil and his mom, Tracy Murphy, traveled to NYC to meet celebrity chef Michael Symon! Phil’s enjoys rubbing elbows with celebrities (pillows have elbows?) and the beach.

Image18Starlight Sweet Dreamsalot

Our newest and only female Pillownaut, Starlight is working hard in her training to catch up to the “veterans” of the group. Her new mom, Mandy Sines, is expecting big things from her!


Congratulations to all of our Pillownauts and their proud parents!