Men’s Health Effected by Sleep

A recent study published in the Journal of The American Medical Association revealed that lack of sleep can lead to lower levels of testosterone in young men. Researchers observed a group of ten men over a two week period. The first week the men were instructed to get an adequate amount of sleep, and the second week the men lost sleep. At the end of the two weeks the drops in testosterone levels were obvious. With only a week of sleep loss the testosterone levels of the men participating in the study decreased by up to 15%.

Testosterone not only impacts sexual behavior in men, but the lack of it can also cause fatigue and poor concentration. Poor concentration and fatigue can lead to many mistakes and mishaps, especially in the work environment. This prompted the authors to link this trend with statistics within the working world. On average, a middle class working male only gets about five hours of sleep per night. This means that the lack of sleep among the general male population could be putting them at a health risk.

Source: WebMD