New Study Says Co-Sleeping With Pets is Beneficial

It’s a topic that comes up every so often, and in most cases riles up a lot of pet owners.  In this case, however, the latest study about co-sleeping with pets is sure to make those pet owners happy.

A new study from the Mayo Clinic, which contradicts previous studies from the organization, says sleeping with your cat or dog may actually help you sleep, rather than harm your sleep.

The clinic questioned 150 study participants, 49 percent of who reported owning pets.  More than half of those animals slept in the bedroom or on the bed – and 20 per cent of pet owners did complain that the animals interrupted their sleep with behavior such as ‘wandering’, ‘snoring ‘ ‘bathroom needs’ and ‘whimpering’.  However, a large number of respondents said that having their pet in the bedroom or on the bed didn’t cause any problems – and many said it was an advantage.

Another recent study of 23,000 dog owners found that more that half of all dog and cat owners let their furry friends sleep on their beds.

Source: Telegraph

Man and his dog comfortably sleeping in

Man and his dog comfortably sleeping in