How True to Life is the Movie "Inception"?

Could the movie “Inception”, a flick where operatives enter a businessman’s dream and try to plant an idea, ever become true? It’s an interesting idea explored in an article this week in the Los Angeles Times. They spoke with Matthew Edlund, an expert on rest, body clocks and sleep. He says it’s a fascinating idea. He stopped short of saying it couldn’t happen, but says the movie really nailed the feeling of dreams:

“Lots of things ring true,” Edlund says. “The more unbelievable they are, generally the more true they feel. … That’s one of the reasons dreams have such power.”

One of the things he liked was how director/producer/writer Christopher Nolan nailed one of the characteristics of REM sleep, the disappearance of “position sense.”

“What happens in real dreams,” Edlund explains, “is you actually turn off position sense. That’s why I can go from Chicago to Montreal to Moscow in a dream and have no idea how I transitioned and have no concern whatsoever that I did.

Read the rest of Edlund’s comments here.