Recession Causing Britons to Lose Sleep .. Literally

You’ve heard the expression, “I’m losing sleep over this.”  A new study shows the average person in the U.K. is sleeping for an average of six hours and 21 minute per night.  That’s an hour less than before the global economic crisis started, according to an article published today by The Telegraph.  More from the article:

The current sleep shortfall is estimated to be costing employers around £1 billion per year because 28 per cent of workers said they had taken a day off following a bad night’s sleep.

That is the equivalent of eight million sick days a year compared with just more than three million in 2008.

More than half of us (56 per cent) said we felt like we have got a bad hangover when we have not had enough sleep and 45 per cent said it takes a couple of days to recover.

The research undertaken for the hotel chain Travelodge is based on the sleep patterns of 6,000 adults and also revealed that 54 per cent of adults blame a lack of sleep for their inability to concentrate at work.

Another finding in the study showed that the average Briton took 13 minutes to get out of bed after the alarm clock sounds.  And, nearly two-thirds admit they regularly skip their morning shower in order to stay in bed longer.

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