Sand In Your Toes = Better Sleep

Anyone who has ever been to the beach has surely spent some time walking in the sand and reflecting upon life.  According to a new study, those walks by the sea have anything purpose — promoting sleep.

The UK study, conducted by Britain’s National Trust, found that people sleep on average for 47 minutes longer the night after a decent seaside hike while those who go for an inland walk of a similar length sleep only for an additional 12 minutes.

According to the study, a coastal walk also provokes more thoughts of family and childhood and provides greater opportunity for introspection and reflective thought compared with a landlocked stroll.

About 100 walkers aged 21-82 took part in the study, walking an average of seven miles each. Half walked coastal paths, while the rest went on inland walks, taking in hills, heathland and parks.

Both groups reported they felt happier, calmer, more alert and slept better and longer after their walks.

Source: The Guardian