Serious Sleep Problems for Kids

There is a great new article out this week from that gives advice for school-age children who are having more serious sleep problems. The article gives tips for six different ailments that could be causing your child to lose sleep hours. Some of these include:

Apnea & Snoring:
A study showed that one quarter of elementary age kids had mild apnea. This is usually caused by oversized tonsils or adenoids

Although children aren’t worried about the economy like their parents, they do have lingering fears about school and popularity – a common trigger for restless nights.

Not enough exercise:
Children spend most of their time sitting while they are in school; they should be active when they come home.

Middle-of-the-night waking:
Usually caused by physical ailments, which should be soothed right before bedtime.

Usually something that is outgrown over the years, but precautionary steps can be taken to ensure the child’s safety.

Wiggly Limbs:
Mostly associated with tingling sensations in the legs; can be fixed with different remedies depending on severity.

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