A Short Walk to Reduce Snoring and Sleep Apnea?

Walking has many benefits — not the least of which is exercise.  However, the director of the Toronto Research Institute Sleep Research Laboratory says he may have found another benefit — reduced snoring and incidents of sleep apnea  Douglas Bradley says individuals who sit most of the day and suffer from sleep apnea or snoring may be helped by increased walking.  The story was covered on the website Shift Work Disorder:

Bradley found that the culprit is a type of fluid that sits in a person’s legs while he or she is sitting down for prolonged hours. When you lie on your bed, the fluid flows to the neck area where it relaxes muscles, causing them to collapse. That is when the air passage shuts off causing breathing to stop suddenly.

His team of researchers made sleep apnea patients wear compressed stockings to reduce flow of fluids from the legs. What they found were interesting results. Bradley explains that walking will keep the fluid of being produced and that “it doesn’t take much effort, and the reward can be fairly big.”

Source: Shift Work Disorder