Signs You're Sleep Deprived

Researchers continue to find new ways that sleep deprivation is dangerous to not only the person who isn’t getting enough sleep, but also to those around him or her.  Various studies have shown that those who get the proper amount of sleep live longer and are healthier in general.  Newer research is looking at the affects of sleep deprivation on tasks like driving, and the results are frightening.  The question is … how do you know if you’re sleep deprived?  Prevention Magazine comes to the rescue with the following signs, published in the MSN health section this week:

  1. You’re flummoxed by even simple decisions
  2. You’ve been eating all day, and you’re still hungry!
  3. You keep coming down with colds
  4. The ballads on American Idol move you to tears
  5. You’ve become a klutz

Some of these signs need a little explanation, which is nicely provided by Prevention, along with some tips on how to erase your sleep debt.  Read the full article here.