Sleep Advice for Super Bowl Monday

The hype for the big game is rolling at full speed now, as we barrel toward a match-up between Atlanta and New England. We hope the involved NFL players are getting their sleep this week, but the problem for the rest of us will be making sure our Super Bowl Monday isn’t a complete loss due to sleep deprivation brought on by staying up to late for the big game.

Polls say as many as two-thirds of Americans will be watching the game, and countless others will be tuning in overseas.  So, how do you make sure you can be productive on Monday?

  1. Don’t stay up for the whole game. Out of the question for many, but it works!  If you must stay up until the final whistle blows, leave the party as soon as the game is over and head for home.
  2. Take Monday off or go in late. Really, other than skipping the game it’s the only way to avoid a sleepy day on Monday.
  3. Don’t eat too much or drink too many adult beverages. Too much food or too many alcoholic beverages can upset your sleep rhythms, making the sleep you do get less productive.
  4. Have a few minutes of wind-down time afterward. Particularly if you don’t have to get up early on Monday, try to settle down for a little bit before turning off the lights.  The game can be exciting, and many people go to Super Bowl Parties.  Read a book or do some other quiet activity for a half hour before bed. It will make getting to sleep easier.
  5. Push for the league to move the game to Saturday. Why this hasn’t been done yet, we’ll never understand.  It’s not like people won’t watch, no matter what night they hold it.

We understand some of these suggestions aren’t completely practical. Unfortunately, as long as the big game is on Sunday evening, morning on Super Bowl Monday is just going to be painful for many.

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