Sleep and Aging

It’s true that there’s a link between poor sleep and the elderly, but unless you’ve reached your golden years, you may not feel ready to be lumped into that category just yet. There are all kinds of tips for better sleep. Maybe something as simple as new bed mattress pads will make all the difference in getting a restful night’s sleep. Maybe you’ve injured the muscles in your back through work or exercise, and you need to find better alignment for your sleep posture.

At this point you have two options: You can continue to suffer with back pain after sleeping, or you can take a few minutes to analyze your sleep hygiene, make a few simple changes, and discover the health benefits of proper spinal alignment. If you’ve ever asked yourself whether lack of sleep and aging are interlinked, the answer is no. However, according to leading physicians and noted medical authorities, there are some serious health implications that can be caused from prolonged sleep deprivation. If you have children, you may remember those early days with a newborn, bumping around in the night trying to cope with feedings, diaper changes, crying (you and the baby!), etc. Remember that horrible feeling of sleep deprivation? Grown men have been known to cradle a pillow while the baby continues to cry in the crib. Over time, lack of sleep really starts to wear away at your ability to handle stressful situations. Your judgement is off. Your emotions are constantly just beneath the surface waiting to erupt, and you may find your productivity at work or at school begin to erode.

So if you’re starting to wake up with regular back pain after sleeping, don’t wait too long before trying to solve the problem. Some tips for better sleep could include seeing your doctor to rule out any back, spinal, or muscular injuries. A new ergonomic pillow can help with body alignment, as can new bed mattress pads and maybe even a new mattress.

Our bodies need sleep to regenerate, repair, and refuel. The longer you go without a good night’s sleep, the longer it’s going to take your body to recover from injury or illness. Take care of your mind, body, and sleep habits to keep your youthful exuberance and energy alive and well.

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