Sleep and Fatigue

It’s only natural to believe that after sleeping through the night you should wake up feeling rested. Unfortunately, that’s not always true. There are different reasons for feeling tired after sleep; an uncomfortable worn pillow or an old mattress can cause unnecessary stress on your body, causing you to still feel fatigue after sleep.  In order to function at work, at home, and at school, we all need a good night’s sleep in order to be our best. With the proper bedding, you shouldn’t wake up with neck pain after sleep or actually feel tired from sleeping. Instead, your bed should be a haven of quality, restful zzzzz’s where you can easily fall asleep, letting the worries of the day disappear for a while.

If you’re constantly feeling fatigue after sleep, it might be time to reassess your bedroom furniture and bedroom habits. The bedroom should be used for two things; sleep and sex. There’s a complicated mind-body psyche that comes into play when you start using your bedroom as a computer den, exercise room, or pseudo-office space. If you’re prone to insomnia or restless nights, it won’t be long before your body becomes confused as to what that bedroom really is for. Besides, it’s hard to sleep with the glow of a computer monitor in the background and your unfinished paperwork strewn around the corners of the room.

Take back the bedroom! Remove anything from the room that doesn’t serve the purpose of inducing sleep. Keep the lighting soft, your pillows fresh and clean, and your mattress pad or mattress toppers in good condition. Keep the temperature of your bedroom a little cooler than the rest of the house, and stick with soft, neutral or warm colors to create a sense of balance and harmony. If, after you’ve made these simple changes, you’re still waking up with neck pain after sleep, or feeling unusually fatigued after sleeping, consult with your doctor. It is possible that there’s a physical condition or problem that should be treated. Can lack of sleep give you fatigue? Yes! However, if you’re sleeping through the night you shouldn’t feel fatigued when you wake up.

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