Sleep and Pregnancy

Pregnancy can be such a joyous time in a woman’s life. The glow that everyone notices and remarks on, people wanting to touch your belly to experience the miracle of life you have growing inside of you. Many aspects of pregnancy are amazing and can change who you are as a person.

One of the changes that can happen is a lack of sleep during pregnancy. This is not a beautiful change. Not enough sleep in pregnancy can cause mood swings, unhappiness, and fatigue. Pregnancy and lack of sleep is a huge problem and one you should try and address as soon as it starts happening. Here are some tips to help with sleep during pregnancy:

• Some women like to put a pillow beneath their belly bump and sleep on their side. This cushions and supports your belly, which reduces the pull on your body. This is not only one of the safe ways to sleep during pregnancy, it is also one of the most comfortable. A foam pillow under your belly bump will cradle your baby and conform to the shape of your belly for the most comfortable sleep possible.

• Sleeping on your back may be what you were used to when you weren’t pregnant, but pregnancy and sleep change what you need. Sleeping on your side is far less strain on your back and far less weight on your spine.

• Sleep and pregnancy sometimes means you aren’t going to be sleeping in a bed, especially when you find yourself approaching your due date. Sleeping in a comfy chair where you are reclined but upright can reduce the pulling feeling that makes sleep during pregnancy so difficult.

Pregnancy sleep can be difficult, but with these ideas you should be well on your way to learning how to sleep better while expecting. When you focus on how to sleep during pregnancy you are more likely to get more pregnancy sleep and feel well rested in the morning instead of fatigued and worn-out. This will let you focus on all the other aspects of being pregnant like getting the nursery ready and shopping for baby’s layette.

You can also check with friends, family, and your doctor to see if they have any tips to help with sleep during pregnancy that you hadn’t thought of. If any of the tips your friends or family give you sound like they might not be entirely safe, give your doctor a call and verify the suggestions are safe for both you and baby.

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