Sleep and Sex

One of the first things people think about when they think about bed (other than sleep) is sex. No matter when you had it last or if you plan to have it again, these sleeping tips for couples can make sure you are awake enough to engage in non-sleep activity while in bed.

While there are sexual sleep disorders such as sleep sex, where someone actually engages in sexual activity while sleeping, with no memory of the incident when they wake up, one of the most common sexual sleeping problems is not having enough energy to engage in sexual activity with your spouse or partner because of fatigue and not getting quality sleep.

• Relationship stress – it affects your sex life as well as your sleep. If there is relationship stress, try to talk it out or go to a counselor to get to the root of the problem.

• When you’re looking at tips on getting to sleep make sure to include your mattress in your checklist. Has it been turned lately? Does it need to be turned? Does it need to be replaced? Even if your mattress is too firm, that could cause interruptions in sleep, making you too fatigued to have sex. Consider picking up one of the many mattress pads on the market to increase your sleep comfort.

• For tips on how to get to sleep, look to calming down before you get into bed. Relaxing habits like washing your face, picking out your clothing for the next day, or doing stretches can wind your body down before you get into bed, making it easier to fall asleep once your head hits the pillow.

• If you feel that the mattress your partner loves is not the one you would have chosen for yourself you have several options:

• Consider a foam mattress. Foam mattresses adjust to your body’s contours, giving you a better sleep experience no matter what kind of mattress you prefer. After you get a good night’s sleep with a foam mattress you will wonder how you lived without one.

• Get two twin size mattresses and put them together to make a king-sized bed. A mattress pad can make the space in the middle between you practically disappear. When you are both sleeping more comfortably and feeling more well rested, you can decide if you want to have sex on your mattress or your partner’s.

• Beds are available that can be adjusted for each person depending on the side of the bed they are on. Then, when you want to have sex, you can either make both sides match or customize the firmness of the mattress for your preference as a couple.

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