Sleep Problems More Universal Than Previously Thought

Most sleep studies focus on the United Kingdom or the United States, but for the first time ever there are now statistics for the third world, and you may find them surprising.

These studies, conducted by the UK’s Warwick Medical School, show that 1 out of every 20 residents of India suffer from a sleep problem. Why is this so surprising? It was a long held assumption that the majority of sleep problems were more common in the western world and were made worse by busy schedules, too much technology, and trying to always be one step ahead. Now, this myth has been debunked and shows that sleep disorders can effect anyone, no matter what your lifestyle.

During their research, scientists examined the sleep quality of 24,434 women and 19,501 men. All of these participants were located in one of eight rural global locations including Ghana, Tanzania, South Africa, India, Bangladesh, Vietnam, Indonesia, and Kenya.