Sleep Problems Widespread Among Deployed Military

The idea that members of the military who are deployed overseas would have sleep problems isn’t exactly a shocker, but the first large scale study on the subject shows that the problem is extremely widespread.

A recent study conducted by the Department of Deployment Health Research at San Diego’s Naval Health Research Center looked at the sleep patterns of 41,225 military service personnel of all branches, and in various phases of deployment.

The soldiers who were surveyed during deployment were 28% more likely to be experiencing problems falling asleep or staying asleep than soldiers awaiting deployment.  Following deployment, soldiers were 21% more likely to be experiencing these problems.  When mental health complications such as posttraumatic stress disorder, depression or generally poor health were factored into the equation, soldiers were over two times more likely to be tossing and turning.

The findings indicate that a program to promote healthier sleep may be beneficial to servicemen and women.