Sleep tips for pregnant women

Difficulty sleeping is a common side effect of pregnancy. Not only is it frustrating for the mother-to-be, it can also cause mood swings, irritability, fatigue, and general unhappiness that can have negative effects on the health of mother and baby.

Here are some tips to help with sleep during pregnancy:

  • Avoid caffeine. Your doctor might have already advised you to reduce your daily caffeine intake while pregnant as it can contribute to dehydration. Cutting back or eliminating caffeine will also help you establish and maintain a healthy sleep cycle.
  • Sleep on your side. Doctors recommend sleeping on your side while pregnant because it puts less strain on your back and improves blood flow to the baby.
  • Support your bump. Many women like to place a small pillow underneath their bellies, providing extra support as they sleep. A foam pillow under your belly bump will cradle your baby and conform to the shape of your belly for the most comfortable sleep possible.
  • Upgrade your sleeping products. As your sleeping positions change, your sleeping product needs will change, too. Think about investing in a side-sleeper pillow or mattress pad to provide extra support and comfort.
  • Head to the living room. Pregnancy sleep doesn’t always take place in a bed, particularly as you get closer to your due date. You might find that sleeping in a comfortable chair that keeps you upright but slightly reclined will reduce heartburn and the pulling feeling that makes sleep during pregnancy so difficult.