SleepBetter Releases Lovenest Makeover Survey Data

We wrapped up our Valentine’s Day Lovenest Makeover Contest a few weeks ago, but we still have some unfinished business.  Part of that contest was a survey, and we now have the survey data to release!

The somewhat unscientific (but extremely fun) survey asked more than 3,200 people questions about romance and Valentine’s Day.  Here are some of the results:

  • 52-percent of respondents say that Valentine’s Day is a “day to celebrate love,” with a full tenth (12%) not “giving much thought to the day at all”
  • One in ten Americans just wanted sleep the evening of Valentine’s Day
  • 19% planned on wearing “as little as possible”(13%) or “nothing at all” (9%) that evening

You can read our entire news release (which includes stats from our 2010 survey on romance and sleep) by clicking here.