Sleepless City Index

As part of the Great American Pillow Toss sleep education campaign, Carpenter Co. and analyzed data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s (CDCP) annual Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance System Survey (BRFSS) to rank the nation’s most sleep-deprived cities. The results were pulled from the data of 188,795 respondents and shows that a significant portion of the population is struggling with sleep.

More than a quarter (27.5) of the residents of the most sleep-deprived city (Charleston, WV) don’t get enough sleep more than half the time, and they report not getting enough sleep an average of a third of each month. Below is a sortable database of the top 100 media markets.  Where does your area rank?

Download the full news release about the Sleepless City Index here.

Top 100 Markets (by DMA)

Methodology can be found at the bottom of this page.

Sleepless City Index Rank
In Top 100
DMA RankMarket (DMA)Average # of Days People Don't Get Enough Sleep in a Month% of People Who Don't Get Enough Sleep More Than Half the Time
165Charleston, WV10.627.5
261Knoxville, TN10.024.1
381Paducah, KY9.625.6
490Colorado Springs, Co9.623.8
585Madison, Wi9.324.7
696Tri-Cities, TN-VA9.424.2
732Columbus, OH9.723.1
859Tulsa, OK9.423.9
992Savannah, GA9.423.5
1075Springfield, MO9.522.6
1163Dayton, OH9.222.9
1221St. Louis, MO9.123.4
1360Mobile-Pensacola, FL9.222.9
144Philadelphia, PA9.222.5
157Boston, MA9.222.1
1664Lexington, KY9.221.8
1797South Bend, IN9.321.5
1843Norfolk, VA8.922.2
1958Albany/Schenectady/Troy, NY8.922.1
2083Shreveport, LA9.021.5
2179Rochester, NY8.922.0
2277Columbia, SC9.021.4
2346Greensboro/High Point/ Winston Salem, NC8.821.9
2451Buffalo, NY8.522.7
255Dallas/Ft. Worth, TX8.921.3
2635Cincinnati, OH9.220.3
2733Salt Lake City, UT9.020.8
2854Wilkes Barre/Scranton, PA8.821.5
2952New Orleans, LA8.921.1
3026Indianapolis, IN8.921.2
3170Tucson, AZ8.921.1
3274Toledo, OH8.921.0
331New York, NY8.821.2
3468Flint, MI8.920.2
3544Oklahoma City, OK8.720.8
3684Syracuse, NY8.521.3
3799Greenville/ New Bern/ Washington NC8.521.5
3856Little Rock/Pine Bluff, AR8.720.4
3993Jackson, MS8.520.8
4050Jacksonville, FL8.521.0
4118Cleveland/Akron, OH8.720.2
4248Louisville, KY9.019.1
4353Providence/New Bedford, RI8.620.4
4462Ft. Myers/Naples, FL8.321.3
4567Wichita Falls/Lawton, TX8.620.2
4611Detroit, MI8.719.8
4714Tampa/St Petersburg/Sarasota, FL8.420.5
4831Kansas City, MO8.520.2
499Atlanta, GA8.420.4
5022Portland, OR8.619.4
5130Hartford/New Haven, CN8.420.1
5272Des Moines/Ames, IA8.619.5
5340Las Vegas, NV8.320.4
5419Orlando/Daytona Beach/ Melbourne, FL8.420.0
558Washington, DC8.618.9
5610Houston,, TX8.419.3
5773Spokane, WA8.518.9
5812Seattle/Tacoma, WA8.419.2
5988Waco/Temple/Bryan, TX8.518.6
603Chicago, IL8.419.2
6149Memphis, TN8.119.8
6245Albuquerque/Santa Fe, NM8.219.4
6347Austin, TX8.518.2
6424Raleigh/Durham/Fayetteville, NC 8.319.0
6513Phoenix/Prescott, AZ8.418.5
6638West Palm Beach/Ft. Pierce, FL7.920.2
6757Richmond/Petersburg, VA8.318.1
6898Charleston, SC8.019.0
6995Burlington, VT8.218.3
7023Pittsburgh, PA8.118.3
7117Denver, CO8.317.7
7225Charlotte, NC8.118.2
7334Milwaukee, WI8.118.3
7476Omaha, NE8.217.8
7536San Antonio, TX7.719.7
7639Birmingham, AL8.018.1
7742Grand Rapids, MI8.316.9
7878Portland/Auburn, ME8.018.2
7986Chattanooga, TN8.018.1
8080Huntsville/Decatur, AL7.918.0
8116Miami/Ft. Lauderdale, FL7.818.0
8282Champaign/Springfield/Decatur, IL7.917.6
8327Baltimore, MD7.817.7
84100Davenport, IA8.016.6
8520Sacramento/Stockton/Modesto, CA7.817.5
8641Harrisburg, PA7.817.1
8737Greenville/Spartanburg/Anderson-/Asheville, SC7.617.3
8887Harlingen/Weslaco/McAllen/Brownsville, TX7.716.6
8994Baton Rouge, LA7.716.6
9089Cedar Rapids/Waterloo/Dubuque, IA.7.816.3
9171Honolulu, HI7.417.2
9291El Paso, TX7.616.1
932Los Angeles, CA7.516.6
9455Fresno/Visalia, cA7.516.2
9515Minneapolis/St. Paul, MN7.616.0
9666Roanoke/Lynchburg, VA7.616.1
9728San Diego, CA7.315.6
986San Francisco/Oakland/San Jose, CA7.314.9
9929Nashville, TN7.014.9
10069Green Bay/Appleton, WI6.914.1


Methodology: The data in this index was drawn from the Center for Disease Control and Prevention’s annual Behavioral Risk Factors Surveillance System (BRFSS) using telephone surveys to collect information on health behaviors in all 50 states. More than 350,000 adults are interviewed each year.  SleepBetter’s statistical team pulled data using two variables: the average number of days per month that respondents report inadequate sleep and the percentage of respondents reporting inadequate sleep more than half of the time.  The data was then sorted against national TV markets from Nielson Media Research Company’s designated market areas (DMA) and ranked based on the blended value of the two variables.