SleepBetter Sleepy Parents Index – Top Media Markets

Which city has the sleepiest parents of all? The largest 25 media markets (DMAs) are listed below. Are moms or dads sleepier in your area? Find your city in the list below by using the search bar, or compare your city to others by viewing the full list. To view a ranking of the U.S. states, click here.

Male Parents & CaretakersFemale Parents & Caretakers
MarketAvg. days inadequate sleep per month% of adults receiving inadequate sleep more than 1/2 the timeTelevision MarketAvg. days inadequate sleep per month% of adults receiving inadequate sleep more than 1/2 the time
1Boston (Manchester)11.026.3St. Louis12.632.6
3Tampa-St. Pete (Sarasota)10.326.5Washington, DC (Hagrstwn)11.728.7
4Philadelphia10.325.0Tampa-St. Pete (Sarasota)11.530.4
5Dallas-Ft. Worth10.224.5Boston (Manchester)11.427.8
6Phoenix (Prescott)10.020.3Cleveland-Akron (Canton)11.227.1
7St. Louis9.725.4Detroit11.126.9
8Cleveland-Akron (Canton)9.720.5New York11.028.8
9New York9.623.3Atlanta10.928.1
10Orlando-Daytona Bch-Melbrn9.623.0Pittsburgh10.926.3
12Washington, DC (Hagrstwn)9.419.1Dallas-Ft. Worth10.426.1
14Portland, OR9.219.1Minneapolis-St. Paul10.425.5
17Detroit8.618.2Portland, OR10.224.0
18Sacramnto-Stkton-Modesto8.415.9Orlando-Daytona Bch-Melbrn10.223.8
21Pittsburgh8.215.0Phoenix (Prescott)9.619.8
22Los Angeles8.117.4San Francisco-Oak-San Jose9.120.0
23Miami-Ft. Lauderdale7.816.6Miami-Ft. Lauderdale9.021.0
24San Francisco-Oak-San Jose7.715.8Sacramnto-Stkton-Modesto8.518.1
25Minneapolis-St. Paul7.713.2Los Angeles8.419.6

Index Methodology: The data used to develop the indices above were drawn from the Center for Disease Control and Prevention’s annual Behavioral Risk Factors Surveillance System (BRFSS), a telephone survey that collects information on the health behaviors of more than 350,000 adults in the U.S. These data were derived from responses to the question, “During the past 30 days, for about how many days have you felt you did not get enough rest or sleep?” on the most recent survey in which that question was asked (2010). An indicator was created to help define mothers and fathers, as it relates to the BRFSS questionnaire – respondent with children under the age of 18 in shared household. Two sleep indicators were created – the average number of days per month adults reported receiving adequate sleep and the percentage of adults reporting adequate sleep less than half the time. The combined values of those indicators were used to create the Sleepy Parents Index.