Study: Sleep Apnea Can Increase Cancer Mortality Rate

There’s still more evidence from a new study that treating your sleep apnea is critical to a longer life.  The study, conducted at seven different sleep clinics in Spain, analyzed 5,600 patients to look into the link between apnea and cancer mortality.

The severity of sleep apnea, was then measured, using an hypoxaemia index.

This index measures the amount of time during the night that a person suffers from low levels of oxygen in the blood (less than 90 per cent oxygen saturation).

The results showed that people with sleep apnea who spent more than 14-percent of their sleep with levels of oxygen saturation below 90-percent (usually severe sleep apnea patients) had approximately double the relative risk of death due to cancer than people without sleep apnea.

The results showed that this association was even higher in men and younger people.

Source: Business Standard