Study: Sleep Deprivation = Risk Taking

Individuals who are lacking in sleep tend to have a sunny outlook, but can do some crazy things.  That’s the finding of a study by neuroscientists at two medical schools at Duke University in North Carolina.

The scientists used an MRI to prove how sleep deprivation led to increased brain activity in brain regions that process positive outcomes, while consequently leading to decreased activation in brain regions that process negative outcomes.   This breakthrough demonstrates that sleep-deprived people are prone to making decisions that emphasize monetary gain and not those that reduce losses.

Researchers pointed to late-night gamblers (either at casinos or those who play online poker) as typical “victims” of the study’s findings.  Not only are they fighting the odds that are part of the games, they’re also fighting a sleep-deprived brain’s tendency to seek reward and not take into full consideration what else could happen.

Source: Medical News Today