Suggest SleepBetter To Your Favorite Retailer

While SleepBetter and Carpenter Co. products are found at stores nationwide, we understand that you may have a favorite store where our products can’t currently be purchased. If you’d like to see our products sold at more locations, there are ways you can help.

1) Contact the store’s corporate headquarters

All retailers have websites these days, and most make it fairly easy to find a “contact us” page.  From there, however, it may be a little difficult to figure out who to call or email to suggest a product. In many cases, the companies simply don’t offer that option. Target Corporation is one of these companies.  In cases such as this, find the closest relevant contact point and reach out to them.  Here are options for Target:

  • The general number for Target stores and Target product information is 1-800-440-0680.  When you call, tell them you would like to suggest that they carry SleepBetter products. If you have a favorite product, tell them about it.  Be sure to give them our web address ( and the web address for the maker of SleepBetter products, Carpenter Co. (
  • If you prefer to email, click here to use an online form to send a note to Target.  In the drop-down for the “subject” section, there is no option to recommend a product.  Simply select “other” and in the “questions and comments” section, tell them you’d like to suggest that they carry SleepBetter products.  From there, follow the suggestions above.

2) Contact your local store manager

While contacting company headquarters is more effective, you can potentially make some progress by talking to your local store’s manager.  Be sure you speak to the general manager, however, and not a shift manager.  The general manager may be more connected at corporate and will be more likely to know who to contact if he or she is inclined to pass along your product suggestion.  Be sure to give him or her our web address ( and share how much you love our products!

Thank you for your help with spreading the word about SleepBetter products!