Survey: Economic Pressures are Ruining Our Sleep

Many things are blamed for the overwhelming inability to get the proper amount of sleep.  Included in that list are technology, work, and chronic pain.  A new survey, however, points to economic trouble as being the top problem.

The study, conducted for technology maker Phillips, included 7,817 people surveyed in the United States, Brazil, the UK, France, the Netherlands, Germany, China, Japan, South Korea, and Australia.  Nearly all of the respondents (96 percent) said sleep is valuable to them. At the same time, 57 percent of respondents admitted that while their sleep could be better, they haven’t taken action to improve it. And, only 17 percent consistently sleep through the night, with 22 percent of respondents noting they wake up before they would like five to seven nights a week.   

The most interesting finding, however, was that among a list of 13 factors keeping people up at night, respondents selected work and financial/economic issues as their most common sleep disruptors.

Of the countries most worried about work, South Korea (43%), Brazil (33%) and China (32%) ranked the highest. Of those most worried about economic/financial issues, Brazil (39%), Germany (31%) and the U.S. (31%) topped the list.

“Our report indicates how psychological factors can impact sleep, and how those factors can change depending on the times in which we live,” said Dr. Mark Aloia, Senior Director of Global Clinical Research, Philips. “Combating stress is critical to a good night’s sleep, but the toughest part for people is often just getting motivated to make changes. These data further demonstrate that sleep needs to be viewed and treated holistically, with both technology and lifestyle solutions that work together to promote better health.”

Source: News Release