Thank Goodness Black Friday Isn’t as Important Anymore

Years ago, we wrote articles on urging people to not get up before the crack of dawn to shop, because it completely ruined their sleep schedule.  People didn’t really listen then, but these days technology has taken care of the problem for us.

Black Friday deals were enticing before online shopping became too prevalent to ignore.  If you got to a store when it first opened (sometimes at 5 or 6 a.m.) you might come out with a really inexpensive TV or the latest toy.  While those deals still exist, most people seem to be more content (rightfully so, we think) to sit well-rested in their homes and gobble up deals from Amazon and other online retailers, while at the same time nibbling on their Thanksgiving leftovers.

Getting up at 2 or 3 a.m. to get a deal on a gift for yourself or others used to seem like a really great idea on the surface.  But, given that this season presents a lot of sleep challenges like parties, overeating, and alcohol, it really isn’t worth it particularly when there are other options.

If you see a deal on something you absolutely must have, and the retailer is telling you that you must get to the store before dawn on Friday … please resist and get the sleep you need.