Tired Workers Cost The U.S. Big Bucks

We have discussed over and over again the many different types of sleep disorders, ranging from simple snoring to severe insomnia. But, how badly are these common problems really affecting us? Researcher Ronald Kessler from Harvard Medical School wanted to know the answer. Through a sample of 7,428 American workers, he found that lack of sleep costs the average American worker 11.3 days of productivity per year. Kessler explained that this does not necessarily mean that workers are absent from work, but that they are extremely less productive.

To some, this may not seem like a significant problem but in actuality this decline in productivity due to lack of sleep has cost the U.S. up to 63.2 billion dollars each year. In addition to shedding light on how much sleep really matters for the working individual, the study also showed a gender trend. It was revealed that men are less likely to experience loss of sleep than women. Kessler suggests workplace screenings and treatments for sleep problems in order to pump up productivity.

Source: Huliq