Top 10 Uses for an Old Pillow

Sadly, there comes a day when it’s time to retire your old pillow. We recommend replacing your pillow every 12 to 18 months.  We learned how heartbreaking this day can be for your recently-retired pillow in our video Paranormal Pillow, but perhaps if you find a new use for your pillow, it won’t be so tough on the little guy?  Below are 10 suggestions for reusing a pillow that’s gotten too old to use.  Most of these suggestions assume you’re reusing a pillow with synthetic filling.

  1. Use the stuffing to add fluff a child’s stuffed animal, or make a new one
  2. Have a throw cushion that could use new stuffing?  Use your old pillow!
  3. Use the stuffing to fluff out window valances
  4. Use it for a mat in that yoga class you’re taking as part of your New Year’s Resolution to get more fit
  5. Use pillow stuffing as “snow” for a festive holiday decoration
  6. Use pillow stuffing (or even the whole pillow) as packing material when you’re mailing gifts this holiday season
  7. If you have small animals like hamsters, put pillow stuffing in their cage for bedding
  8. Give gently used pillows to your local homeless shelter
  9. Give less gently used (but still clean)  pillows to your local animal shelter, to be used as beds for dogs and cats
  10. If all else fails, give the pillow away via the Freecycle Network, so someone else can use it for their own projects!

One note: You should wash and dry your old pillows before recycling them, to make them as clean as possible for their new life.