Survey: Women Need 15+ Days More Sleep Per Year

It’s no secret that the majority of us don’t get enough sleep, but what would you say if you learned you needed more than 15 days more sleep each year just to get the amount you think you should have?

A survey conducted in Britain asked men and women how much sleep they get on average, and also how much they think they should get.  Here are the top findings for women:

  • On average, female respondents claimed to get 6 hours 21 minutes of sleep each night
  • The women said they want to get an average of 7 hours 23 minutes each night

What that means is that they need an additional 15 days 17 hours each year just to catch up!

What about the men?

  • On average, male respondents claimed to get 6 hours 3 minutes of sleep each night
  • Male respondents say they believe they should get 6 hours 40 minutes of sleep

That means that in order to get the amount of sleep they think they should get, men need an additional 10 days 3 hours of sleep.

Setting aside the staggering numbers, what stands out to us is also the amount of sleep that people think they need.  The women aren’t that far off, as a little under seven-and-a-half hours is a good number.  Some people need more, but many people can sleep that amount and be rested and healthy.

The men, however, are fooling themselves.  The average person needs seven to eight hours of sleep.  While some “short sleepers” are just fine getting less, most people are sleep deprived if they only get 6 hours and 21 minutes per night.  It’s likely a relatively new attitude, but for some reason men seem to think it makes them more tough if they can claim to only get five or six hours between the sheets every night.  It’s an attitude we at SleepBetter are hoping to change.  Chronic sleep deprivation can cause medical problems such as obesity, diabetes, cancer and immune deficiency … none of which are tough or sexy.

Source: Daily Mail