12 Holiday Sleep Tips #2: Keep Your Schedule

Seven swans a-swimming may be pretty, but they won’t keep you healthy and happy.  A great night’s sleep will, however.  That’s why between now and December 25, we’re presenting our 12 Holiday Sleep Tips.  Each of the dozen articles focuses on a different tip to help you rest well during the hectic holiday season.


Tip #2: Keep Your Schedule

Aside from holiday stress, being thrown off your normal schedule is one of the most problematic sleep issues around the holidays.  There are parties aplenty, and once the kids are out of school there may be no reason for you or them to get up at your normal time.  That doesn’t even take into consideration the late night present wrapping and trips to the 24-hour big box store for last minute gifts.

Throwing off your internal clock on a consistent basis can leave you groggy, and your body wondering when it should sleep.  It may also leave you more prone to winter illnesses.

While it may be difficult or even impossible this month to stick to the exact schedule you keep during non-holiday periods, do the best you can.  Staying up a half hour or an hour later than usual isn’t a big deal, but three and four hours may present problems.  If you find that you celebrated late into the night on a particular evening, try getting up at the same time the next morning, and then going to bed a touch early the next night to try to make up the sleep deficit.  A midday nap is also acceptable, so long as it’s not too late in the afternoon.

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