5 Halloween Sleep Tips for the Whole Family

The spookiest night of the year is nearly upon us, and it’s one that does not lend itself to great sleep.  Check out these sleep tips designed to help the whole family!

Set a trick-or-treating time in advance: It’s good for kids of all ages to know expectations.  If you, as the parent, want to go door-to-door from 6:00 until 8:00, let the kids know in advance.  Be sure to build in time for sorting through candy and winding down before bedtime.

Set a limit on candy: Halloween tends to be a night where kids get to stay up a little late, and that’s okay every now and then.  However, once they’re done trick-or-treating for the night, set a limit on how much candy they can eat.  Your dentist will thank you, and your kids will sleep better because they don’t have pounds of sugar coursing through their blood system!

Set a limit on how much candy YOU eat: We all know that the minute the kids are out of sight, parents raid their Halloween stashes.  It’s a tradition as old as the holiday itself!  For the same reasons mentioned above for the kids, make sure you don’t overdo your candy intake.

Stick to your routine as much as humanly possible: Halloween, almost by design, messes with your routine.  After all, it’s not every night that you go door-to-door in your neighborhood begging for candy.  However, try to stick to a normal bedtime and bedtime routine as much as you can.  This is important for younger kids but also older kids and adults.  For instance, if you normally read to your children, don’t skip that even if it means “lights out” is a little later than usual.  

Use white noise: Younger kids may be going to bed while trick-or-treating is still happening in your neighborhood.  If you have a white noise machine, it will come in handy masking the sounds of the season.  If you don’t, a small fan can work in a pinch.

If you follow all of this advice and still have trouble sleeping, perhaps you need new bedding?  Check out our Recommended Products page for suggestions!