How Your Life is Better With Good Sleep

If you visit frequently, you have read over and over again what lack of sleep can do to your body and mind.  But, what does good sleep do to help your life?

Improve your health

There are a variety of ways that getting a great night’s sleep can keep you healthier.  For instance, just two nights of bad sleep can equal a higher chance of heart trouble.  That’s good to avoid, right?  Poor sleep has also been linked to Alzheimer’s Disease, stroke and other health problems.  It has also been shown that lack of sleep leads to a higher chance of catching a cold.

Keep you thinner

There is now tons of evidence that lack of sleep leads to a healthier appetite and also cravings for bad food.  Those are two things that can expand your waistline.  

Help you get ahead at work

Lack of sleep leads to poor memory and a bad attitude.  Improving these two things can lead to success at work and a higher chance of advancement.

Help your relationship

Just one night of bad sleep can increase the chance of relationship conflict the next day.  That’s also something to avoid.  Happy spouse = happy house!

Improve your children’s sleep and education

Here’s a bonus: if parents sleep well, their children are more likely to do the same because the kids have been taught how to do it right.  Also, many of the benefits listed above are ones that can help your child at school, plus their behavior may be better.