5 Ways to Declutter Your Sleep

De-cluttering is a huge trend right now, spurred on by Japanese organizer Marie Kondo’s books and her new Netflix series, “Tidying Up with Marie Kondo“.  People all over the world are going through their homes and tossing out old things that don’t, “bring them joy.”

What would bring your world a lot of joy is a great night’s sleep, and using some organizational skills can actually help.  Here’s how:

Get all of the clutter off your bed at night
You really only need a pillow under your head, a mattress under your body, and good bedding that’s appropriate for the temperature in your room.  If there are any decorative pillows on your bed when you’re trying to sleep, you’re doing it wrong.  While you’re at it, a tidy room in general can be less stressful and make you happy at bedtime.

Get the clutter off your bedside table
Truly, the only thing we’re really talking about here is electronics.  They shouldn’t be beside the bed, unless they’re completely turned off.  If you use your phone as an alarm clock, plug it in on the other side of the room.

Be aware of pets causing a ruckus
We know that people love to sleep with their pets, but if those pets are waking you in the middle of the night then they’re not helping you as much as you may think.  If your dog or cat (or bird, rodent, etc.) is the type to make noise or race around at night, it might be best to leave them out of your room.

Avoid cluttering your mind
Sugar and caffeine can really do a number on your sleep.  They get your mind racing at a time when it needs to be as serene as possible.  Avoid them in the evening.

Don’t de-clutter before bed
Doing too much (like organizing your home) right before bed can be a terrible idea.  Stop doing chores for an hour or two before bed, and be with the things that cause you joy.

If your bedding is not currently causing you joy, why not upgrade?  Check out our Recommended Products page for suggestions.