Beware These Surprisingly Caffeinated Foods

You’ve seen articles on SleepBetter time and time again that suggest you’ll sleep better if you avoid caffeine starting in the afternoon.  This is because the effects of this wake-up drug can stick around for five hours or more.  But, that doesn’t mean you should just avoid coffee, sodas, and energy drinks. 

The average cup of coffee has 100 to 200 milligrams of caffeine, but other foods and drinks can have a surprising amount.  Check out this list of caffeinated items that might surprise you:

Decaf Coffee
You’ve heard it before, when people say, “I’ll have decaf because I don’t want to be up all night.”  Did you know decaf coffee actually has caffeine in it? The FDA requires 97% of the caffeine removed for a blend to be called decaf, but that leaves a little bit left over.  Also, the FDA regulations don’t cover coffee that’s served already brewed.  One test found that some places are serving decaf with as much as 32 mg of caffeine.  That’s as much as a can of Coke Classic.

Sodas other than Coke and Pepsi
We’re all aware that many sodas contain caffeine.  But, it’s hiding in some bubbly drinks that you may not expect.  Did you know Sunkist Orange Soda, for example, has 41 mg of caffeine in it?  That’s more than Coke and Pepsi!

Hot Chocolate 
Most people know that chocolate contains not only sugar, but also caffeine.  What a lot of people might not think about is that hot chocolate mix also has about 9 mg of caffeine.

Coffee Ice Cream
Good coffee ice cream contains actual coffee in it.  So, it stands to reason that it also has caffeine, right?  Some brands have as much as 60 mg of caffeine in one decent-sized scoop.  That’s more than a can of Mountain Dew!

Pain Medication
Studies have shown that caffeine can actually increase the effectiveness of painkillers.  However, because most of the brands have added the drug, it’s something to be aware of.  Some aspirin makers have added caffeine amounts that approximate a cup of coffee.

While we certainly suggest everyone live their lives and enjoy themselves, if you’re sensitive to drugs like caffeine, it’s best to avoid it as much as possible.