5 Ways to Sleep Better on Vacation

This is the time of year when a lot of Americans head to the beach or the mountains for a little rest and relaxation.  The problem is, however, that many don’t actually sleep all that well due to a mix of strange surroundings and strange bedding.  Here are five SleepBetter tips to help you get a better night’s sleep while vacationing:

  1. Bring your bedding with you: While it definitely increases the amount of stuff you’re toting with you, bringing as much of your bedding from home as practical can be extremely helpful. At minimum, you should bring your pillow with you, as hotel and rental house pillows aren’t always a good fit.  It may sound strange, but bringing a portion of your sheets with you may help as well, as they smell like home and may help you settle in for the night more easily.  If your home bedding isn’t helping you get a great night’s sleep, check out our Recommended Products section to find your new favorite pillow, topper, or mattress!
  2. Keep your schedule: We get it … you’re on vacation and want to stay up late and sleep late in the morning.  That’s totally understandable.  However, keeping a schedule similar to home will help you stay better rested to enjoy your vacation and will make the transition back to “real life” easier when you get home.
  3. Take naps: We realize that it’s likely you’ll have a different sleep schedule while you’re on vacation, so if you’re not getting the right amount of sleep, taking a nap during the day can be quite helpful.  Even if you’re not losing sleep at night, most people don’t get the right amount of sleep year-round, so getting some extra while on vacation is a great idea.  One more tip: if you’re napping on the beach, make sure you do it in the shade, or you could wake up burnt to a crisp!
  4. Plan ahead for airborne sleep: If you’re traveling far away from home, you may need to catch some shut-eye on the plane.  Make sure you wear comfortable clothes on the plane, pack a small blanket in your carry-on (not all airlines give these out anymore) and bring a travel pillow.  A sleep mask and earplugs or earbuds to listen to music can also be very helpful.
  5. Take a sleep vacation: Many hotels and resorts are actually offering sleep vacations, but sometimes just the act of going on vacation can help you get into the habit of sleeping more healthy.  Camping under the stars has been shown to be a cure for night owl tendancies, as it somewhat forces you to go to bed earlier.  If camping isn’t your thing, you can simply use the time off from the hustle and bustle of your normal life to get more sleep and repay some of your sleep debt.

For more advice on how to sleep better, visit the Sleep Tips section of this website!