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Sleep Like an Egyptian

View of pyramids from the Giza Plateau: three Queens' Pyramids the Pyramid of Menkaure the Pyramid of Khafre and the Great Pyramid of Giza (Khufu or Cheops)

For the first time in history, forecasters are predicting higher-than-normal temperatures over the entire U.S. for the next three months.  That means utter misery for anyone who either can’t afford air conditioning, or lives in a part of the country where not every building is air conditioned because it’s not usually necessary.  Sleeping in the…
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5 Ways to Sleep Better on Vacation

Travel vacation freedom beach vintage concept. Female legs out of car window.

This is the time of year when a lot of Americans head to the beach or the mountains for a little rest and relaxation.  The problem is, however, that many don’t actually sleep all that well due to a mix of strange surroundings and strange bedding.  Here are five SleepBetter tips to help you get…
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Don’t Let Summer Break Spoil Family Sleep Patterns

Tablet computer with text School's Out for Summer in the screen. In the background a stack of book seashells starfish flippers and a colorful clock

With the arrival of summer break, American school children no longer need to rouse themselves before daybreak to catch the big yellow bus, but just because the rigid schedule of the school year is over doesn’t mean your family schedule should be too loose. Most schools around the country have just finished their instructional year…
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The Relationship Between Your Mattress and Your Pain

Woman in Pain

Could your mattress be causing the back pain you suffer occasionally or even daily?  It’s very possible.  One solution could be a mattress topper, but let’s not get ahead of ourselves just yet. Given that you spend a large chunk of your day in bed — as much as seven or eight hours if you’re…
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Sleep Better in the Heat

How to beat the summer heat and sleep better.

With the Memorial Day weekend now past us, the summer is unofficially underway, and in many parts of the U.S., it’s really starting to feel like it.  The situation could be made worse by the fact that hurricane season just started.  Those storms, along with common everyday thunderstorms, can knock out power.  Sleeping while sweating is…
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Use Sleep To Your Advantage When Studying For Exams

tired school girl sleeping with her books

Kids across the U.S. are wrapping up their school year.  While they’re obviously looking forward to summer vacation, many of them have one obstacle in the way — exams. Cramming for exams is almost a rite of passage for high schoolers and even some middle school students, but it’s never been a good idea.  Unfortunately, what…
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Are Night Owls Less Healthy?


Night owls take note — there’s a new study that says your way of life isn’t the healthiest. Sleep deficits and poor-quality sleep have been linked to obesity and a myriad of health problems, but this study by University of Delaware researcher Freda Patterson and collaborators at the University of Pennsylvania, Drexel University and the…
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Why “Night Shift” on Your iPhone is Important

Man using his mobile phone in the bed

We’ve said for years that using your electronic devices before bed (or worse, while you’re in bed) is a really bad idea.  The reason for this is that screens like the ones on smartphone, tablets, computers, and even televisions emit blue light, which has been shown to be a trigger to your brain that it’s…
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Stressed Out Over Taxes? Take a Nap!


Procrastinators have an extra three days to put off the inevitable this year, as the deadline for filing individual income taxes is April 18 in 2016, rather than the usual April 15.  For some taxpayers, the extended deadline represents welcome preparation time, but for others, it just represents a few extra days to be stressed out…
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Is Spring the Worst Season for Sleep?


Spring: The doldrums of winter are being shaken off, and everything is turning green. So, how could we say such a cheerful season could be difficult in any way? Let us count the ways… 1) Pollen: Unfortunately, when we say everything is green, in many parts of the country (particularly the east and south) that…
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