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Sleep Your Way to Better Exam Grades

Tired Student Girl With Glasses Sleeping On The Books

As the first half of the school year winds to a close for college students around the country, they still have one more thing to worry about before they can go home for the holidays — exams.  Sleep is critical to learning and memory, and whether you’re getting ready for a big test at school or…
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5 Tips to Enjoy Thanksgiving While Sleeping Better


Thanksgiving brings to the mind images of family get-togethers, football, and … of course … gorging on turkey.  It’s the latter of those three images, however, that can lead to sleep issues. Below are five SleepBetter tips that will help you stay well rested during the Thanksgiving weekend as well as the year-end holidays: 1)…
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Five Sleep Better Tips for Holiday Air Travel


Millions of Americans are about to take flight and travel to visit relatives for Thanksgiving or other year-end holidays.  Anyone who’s ever been on a plane knows that it’s cramped, crowded, and uncomfortable even if you’re not trying to sleep.  If you’re trying to catch a few zzz’s, it can be downright miserable.  If you’re…
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Sleep Expert Calls for Automated “Bedtime Mode” on Phones

Man using his mobile phone in the bed

While some smartphones have a nighttime “do not disturb” setting, a sleep expert has looked at the brightness of new phone screens and says that’s not enough. The ongoing problem with having smartphones, tablets, and even flat panel TVs in the bedroom is that they emit a wavelength of blue light that disrupts the body…
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Sleep Better to Avoid Getting Sick, or Sicker

sick woman

While the weather outside isn’t frightful just yet in most parts of the country, the cold weather is coming soon.  With the arrival of winter comes the arrival of cold and flu season.  There are a lot of things you can do to avoid getting sick, such as getting a flu shot, washing your hands,…
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Fall Back Gracefully As Daylight Saving Time Ends


Daylight Saving Time ends on November 1, 2015.  We all know the mantra to help us remember what to do with our clocks for the time change: Spring Forward, Fall Back. Springing forward is the hard one, as you’re losing an hour of sleep and most of us don’t get enough sleep already. However, any change…
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Seasonal Change May Trigger Sleep Problems


Golden autumn afternoons, fall foliage and cooler temperatures are a welcome change for most people after a long hot summer, but the change in seasons could also lead to sleep problems and other behavioral troubles for adults, teens and children. Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) is a type of depression that affects an estimated six percent…
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Ask SleepBetter: Too Many Worries


Have you wondered about something related to sleep, but just can’t find the answer? Lots of people do, and that’s why we created Ask SleepBetter. You can ask your own question on the SleepBetter Facebook Page, or by using our Ask SleepBetter contact form. We will try to answer as many questions as possible, but…
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Despite Autumn Chill, a Lower Thermostat Will Help You Sleep Better


In parts of the U.S., the chill of autumn is starting to take hold. Some areas are starting to see leaves changing, while others are seeing morning temperatures dipping down into the 40s. These cooler temperatures may have you reaching to turn up the thermostat, but think twice before you leave it turned up when…
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Is Melatonin a Good Idea for Kids?

Sleeping Child

A US News & World Report story published this week asks a question that may rankle parents who swear melatonin is a miracle drug that helps their children sleep better.  The news magazine wants to know if the drug, which is sold over the counter in the U.S. but only by prescription in many countries,…
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