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Ask SleepBetter: Sleeping with the TV


Have you wondered about something related to sleep, but just can’t find the answer?  Lots of people do, and that’s why we created Ask SleepBetter.  You can ask your own question on the SleepBetter Facebook Page, or by using our Ask SleepBetter contact form.  We will try to answer as many questions as possible, but we are not…
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Fight Spring Pollen Allergies, and Sleep Better


In many parts of the country, you can already tell it’s spring. You can tell by the coughing, wheezing, sneezing and sniffing. Yes, spring allergy season is upon us. Since pollen is making its yearly appearance in many parts of the country right now, we’ve published multiple articles this week aimed at helping you sleep better despite…
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Is It A Cold Or Allergies That’s Keeping You From Sleeping?


In many parts of the country, if your car, house, and everything else isn’t already being covered in a layer of yellow-green dust … it will be soon.  That dust is pollen, and it is the top allergy trigger in the United States.  Interestingly, though, a lot of people walk around this time of year…
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Is Spring the Worst Season for Sleep?


Spring: The doldrums of winter are being shaken off, and everything is turning green. So, how could we say such a cheerful season could be difficult in any way? Let us count the ways… 1) Pollen: Unfortunately, when we say everything is green, in many parts of the country (particularly the east and south) that…
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Top Five Spring Cleaning Sleep Tips

Spring has sprung, and you need the extra sunlight as much as these flowers!

After a long and, for many Americans, extraordinarily cold and snowy winter, springtime is finally on the horizon. And, people hoping to improve the quality of their sleep should see spring as a perfect occasion to consider some changes in their sleeping environment. While the first days of spring don’t automatically mean the end of…
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Melatonin Can Help With Sleep if You’re in a Noisy Place

Sleeping Symbol

According to a new study, if you’re the type who gets a better night’s rest from wearing a sleep mask and earplugs, you might consider looking into melatonin. Melatonin is the hormone secreted by the body to regulate sleep, usually in periods of darkness. Synthetically produced melatonin is used to boost the body’s own melatonin…
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Sleep Myth Monday: Bedbug Feeding Time


This is the latest installment of a regular feature here at Sleep Myth Monday, where we bust sleep myths wide open, or verify that they’re actually not myths at all. Myth or Truth: An adult bedbug can survive for up to one year without eating. TRUTH It’s disgusting, but it’s true.  Bedbugs seem to…
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Ask SleepBetter: Nighttime Pain Prompting a Sleep Switch


Have you wondered about something related to sleep, but just can’t find the answer? Lots of people do, and that’s why we created Ask SleepBetter. You can ask your own question on the SleepBetter Facebook Page, or by using our Ask SleepBetter contact form. We will try to answer as many questions as possible, but…
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Avoid March Madness Sleep Deprivation


It’s March, and the college basketball conference tournaments have ended.  The seedings have been selected by the NCAA, and that means all that’s left is for the games to be played … LOTS of games. March Madness, otherwise known as the NCAA Basketball Tournament, starts today.  Over the two-and-a-half weeks , 68 teams from around…
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Tips to Help You Survive the First Few Days After the Time Change

Alarm clock in bed concept for overslept or bed time

It’s the Monday after the beginning of Daylight Saving Time.  We’re already enjoying the extra daylight in the evenings, but something’s just not right and we’re all really, really tired.  Most likely, it’s that lost hour.  For a lot of people, it doesn’t really sink in until they have to get up for work or…
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