American Sleep Association Endorses Carpenter Co. Products

ASA Partnering with Carpenter Co. to Provide Sleep Advice on

Richmond, Virginia (March 15, 2016) – Carpenter Co., the world’s largest maker of comfort cushion products, announced today that selected products are now endorsed by the American Sleep Association (ASA).  As part of the endorsement, the ASA has agreed to partner with Carpenter Co. and SleepBetter by offering medical opinions as well as advice to visitors to the website and social media properties.

Products with the SleepBetter seal are highly recommended for their superior quality and scientifically based design. Carpenter Co.’s SleepBetter line of products include pillows, mattresses, mattress toppers, and mattress pads.  The company launched the website eight years ago, to provide a forum for visitors to define, discuss and discover solutions to fit their particular sleep needs.’s quest is to continually gather pertinent sleep information, then share this knowledge with the general public.

“We are happy to be associated with the ASA, given its focus on sleep and the healthy lifestyle that is the cornerstone of what the organization does,” said Dan Schecter, Carpenter Co.’s Senior Vice President of Sales and Marketing.  “We do not associate ourselves with just anyone, but could not resist the opportunity to work with ASA on what our passion is all about.”

ASA was founded in 2002 by sleep clinicians as a member-driven public awareness effort. ASA believes that every member of the community (physician, scientist, allied health care, technologist, patient, family member, and corporate partner) can offer beneficial information on the importance of healthy sleep.  The ASA’s board of directors and contributors include dozens of sleep doctors and other professionals from across the United States.

“After researching SleepBetter products, we found that each is designed with healthy sleep in mind,” said ASA Director Dr. Neil Kline. “Carpenter Co.’s team of scientists and technicians have been working for 60 years to perfect the right products for sleep. In fact, Carpenter Co. products are what my own family has slept on for years.”

Products with the ASA endorsement will appear in retailers soon.  ASA contributions to, its Facebook page ( and its Twitter account ( will begin immediately.  Those contributions will include articles about sleep medicine, new advances in sleep, and answers to questions submitted for the long-running “Ask SleepBetter” column.

About Carpenter Co.
Carpenter Co. is the largest manufacturer of comfort cushioning products in the world. The Richmond, Va.-based company manufactures a wide variety of polyurethane foam and polyester fiber products, all designed to make the world more comfortable. Born and built in the United States, Carpenter Co. has a 65-year history of designing the world’s most comfortable products and remains on the cutting edge of product development, creating innovative products that improve sleep and enhance active lifestyles. For more information, visit