Ask SleepBetter: Changing My Sleep Position

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Today’s question is about switching the way you slumber:

How do i fix my sleep position? I sleep on my stomach and would like to change this. Please help!

-Saad (via email)

Most people move to different positions in their sleep, but the majority of us have a favorite way to fall asleep.  There are a lot of reasons for switching your primary sleep position.  Those who have sleep apnea should sleep on their backs, for instance.  Or, if you have knee pain, sleeping on your stomach can be painful.  However, changing your “favorite” position can be difficult.

Part of changing your sleep position is about maximizing your sleep environment. If you want to become a side sleeper, purchase a side-sleeping pillow or a contour pillow. These varieties of pillows cushion your head and neck even though they’re a little higher due to your shoulder. If you want to become a stomach sleeper, however, a lower loft pillow would be a good idea because it reduces neck strain.

To start the process of making a sleep position change, simply get into bed and put yourself into the position to which you want to switch.  It may seem weird and uncomfortable at first, and you may move to your old favorite once you fall asleep.  But, with persistence, it’s something you’ll adjust to.

For more information on which position may be best for you, check out this article.