Ask SleepBetter: Co-Sleeping Problems

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Today’s question is related to problems sleeping with a significant other:

Most nights I sleep well and wake up refreshed, but my husband gets up in a terrible state wondering how he can face the day as he says I move about in my sleep and he can’t sleep with me! This has now resulted in my husband suffering depression from lack of sleep and our relationship suffering due to seperate beds. I wish we could sort this out, its been going on too long!

-Marie (via email)

While we understand that many people prefer to sleep in a bed with their significant other, sometimes it just isn’t the best way to sleep. Some couples are incompatible sleepers or become incompatible as they get older. We’re going to assume that sleeping in a separate bed for you means sleeping in a separate room. It might help you get a better night’s sleep if you get side-by-side full size beds for your bedroom. Since moving in your sleep is a problem (and not snoring) that should fix the issue and you’ll still be near each other. There’s room to snuggle when you first turn in, and then you can retire to separate beds to actually sleep. If sleeping in a separate bed is a problem, perhaps it might help if you buy a bigger mattress, such as a king size.

Here’s a link to an article from our Dr. Lisa, where she addresses the issue.

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