Bedtime Complaints of Young Couples Revealed

A new survey is lifting the covers (so to speak) on bedtime complaints of couples who are soon to be married … and it’s not pretty.

The survey, conducted by mattress retailer Sleepy’s, asked engaged couples what they want to change about their sleep and bedding before getting married.  Nearly half of them said they wanted a new bed, and more than half of the guys in the survey said they wanted that new bed to start fresh and ditch whatever memories may come with that old bed.

The survey also shows that love isn’t blind: more than half of those polled admit that they have an undesirable bedtime habit that their significant other is trying to make them break before they walk down the aisle. Unsurprisingly, sleep talking/snoring tops the list, with 26% of those polled bothered by a partner’s habit. Midnight snacking and crumbs in bed nearly tie at 24%. Fifteen percent say their mates get annoyed by their early bedtime, and 12% say their childish sleeping habits — snuggling with a stuffed animal and/or needing a nightlight to fall asleep — tick off their loved ones.

Source: News Release