Up Next for Betty White: Helping You Get a Better Night’s Sleep

Emmy Award-Winning Actress to Partner with Carpenter Co. and SleepBetter.org to Encourage Better Sleep for America’s Families

RICHMOND, Va., April 7, 2010 – As part of its ongoing efforts to bring attention to the benefits of getting a quality night’s sleep, Carpenter Co. is teaming up with Emmy Award-winning actress Betty White for a late-spring consumer-education campaign.

Ms. White’s comedic talents on iconic television shows like The Mary Tyler Moore Show and The Golden Girls and her endearing banter on game shows earned her millions of fans. Millions more Americans rediscovered Betty White this year with her appearance in a popular Super Bowl spot and will see her again in May as guest host for Saturday Night Live.

She is now ready to focus America’s attention on improving its sleep habits. The campaign will have a particular emphasis on helping parents and their children develop healthy sleep routines.

“Great sleep habits and routines are taught right from the crib and then ruined over the next seventy years by late-night television,” said Ms. White. “This campaign allows me to remind parents and their children of the benefits of a good night’s sleep and that I am hosting Saturday Night Live on May 8th.”

Sponsored by SleepBetter.org, an online resource for health information and sleep advice, the campaign will employ a range of information initiatives, social media elements including an online community, media appearances, events and specially commissioned research that will raise awareness about the importance of a good night’s sleep. The theme and elements of the campaign will be announced in late April.

“Carpenter Co. is thrilled to sign Betty White as the spokesperson for this important initiative,” said Dan Schecter, vice president, sales and marketing of consumer products with Richmond-based Carpenter Co. and creator of SleepBetter.org. “People think of Betty White as one of the family, and we expect that through this consumer-education campaign, she will encourage millions of those families to take real steps toward getting better sleep.”

“Carpenter Co. is the world’s largest manufacturer of comfort-cushioning products, and its technologically advanced Sleep Better pillows and mattress toppers are designed to help Americans get a quality night’s sleep,” said Mr. Schecter. “This project will bring the nation’s attention to establishing habits and routines that lead to getting a good night’s sleep.”