California Group Fights to Save Standard Time

A number of states around the country are currently considering ending the twice-per-year time shift between Standard Time and Daylight Saving Time, instead keeping DST as the year-round time.  The reasons for ending the time change include public health because shifting an hour two times a year is difficult for many, and also to allow residents more sunlight after work hours.

One group, however, is fighting back against that idea. 

An organization that calls itself Save Standard Time is currently focusing its efforts on California, which passed a proposition last year that allows it to explore the possibility of keeping DST as the permanent time.  Other states, including Florida, Washington, and Texas are considering similar moves.

Save Standard Time says moving to permanent Daylight Saving Time would be disastrous.  On their website the group lists 10 concerns with the proposals.  Save Standard Time’s first preference is to restore full-year Standard Time (eliminating DST), and failing that, to keep things the way they are.  Among its concerns are:

  • Keeping Daylight Saving Time would mean that during 19 weeks in the winter, the sun wouldn’t rise until after 8 a.m., meaning adults driving to work and children waiting at bus stops would be doing so in the dark.  In addition to increased traffic accidents, waking before sunrise increases risks of heart disease, stroke, diabetes, and depression.
  • Year-round Daylight Saving Time is actually forbidden by federal law.  As a result, sticking with DST would require the U.S. Congress to approve.  Keeping Standard Time would not.
  • Keeping Daylight Saving Time (and thus shifting the hottest part of the day by one hour) results in increased need for electricity because of higher air conditioning use.

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