Celebrate Better Sleep Month 2011

Here at SleepBetter.org, we celebrate healthy and restful sleep 365 days every year, and 366 during Leap Years.  However, the month of May is set aside for the rest of the world as Better Sleep Month.  So, how can you celebrate this year?  Here are some suggestions and links to help:

• Take stock of your sleep hygiene. Sleep hygiene encompasses everything that can help or hinder your good night’s rest. You can read about it in this sleep hygiene article from our Sleep Solutions page.

• Take a long look at your bedding. Do you need a new Favorite Pillow?  For help, read about how to tell if you need a new favorite pillow, and then read our article on how to pick a new favorite pillow.

• If you have children, make sure they’re getting enough sleep too. You can get some guidelines from our article on how much sleep children need.

Allergies can be a big cause of lost sleep this time of year, due to simple discomfort. There *are* things you can do to help, however.  Check out our article on sleep and your allergies for suggestions.

• Read our 17 Healthful Sleep Tips. No matter how often you visit SleepBetter.org, you might learn something new!

• Join us on Facebook and Twitter! While we prefer you visit SleepBetter.org every day, you can also find tips, suggestions, and links to article via our social media properties.

• Make goals. After doing all of the above, make individualized goals designed to help you sleep better, and try to stick to them!