SleepBetter Article Collections: Sleep and Your Child

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This collection lists a series of articles that cover how important sleep is for your kids, and how you can help them get the best rest possible.  While it’s clear that well-rested children are happier, healthier, and learn more effectively, it’s not always easy to get them to sleep well.

Jewel Offers Tips for New Moms
The famous singer/songwriter uses her experience as a new mom to provide tips on how to sleep better with a baby in the house.

How Much Sleep Does My Child Need?
We offer age-based guidelines on how much time in the sack your children need.

The Power of the Bedtime Story
Bedtime stories are a key part (perhaps the most important part) of executing a bedtime routine for your child.

Setting a Family Bedtime Routine
Routines are critical for children. When it comes to sleep, they’re important for entire families.

Don’t Let Junior’s Return from College Endanger Your Routine
When your older child goes away to college, that child will almost inevitably come back for summer break. When that happens, don’t let his or her new-found sleep habits damage your good night sleep and that of younger siblings.

Children with Regular Bedtimes Perform Better Academically
Children with a regular bedtime perform better in school on language, math, reading assessments.

Studying the Effects of Sleep Disruptions on Childhood Emotional Problems
Research in 2010 looked at how sleep disruptions affected emotional development and adjustment in more than 140 children.

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