Celebrities Know How to Escape Snoring Spouses

If you suffer from chronic snoring you may at times feel that you are alone in your problems, but today more and more celebrities are making their snooze issues known. Among these celebrities is Tom Cruise whose wife has found a unique way to deal with Tom’s loud snoring. The famous couple makes use of the “Snoratorium,” a padded room in which no sound escapes. Instead of heading for the couch, Tom heads to the “Snoratorium” to give Katie a break.

It is becoming more common for older male celebrities to use alternatives like the “snoratorium” because after the age of 40 a man’s soft palate usually relaxes which causes snoring. Cruise is not alone in his snoring problems; forty-five percent of adults in the US report snoring occasionally. Other famous snorers include Liz Taylor, Judge Judy, and Winston Churchill.

Source: Daily Mail