The Future of Sleep

When most think about what the future will look like some things that come to mind may be robots, revolutionary cars, and exclusive medical advancements. One thing that does not seem futuristic is sleep, but a recent study has revealed what the future of sleep looks like. This abstract study took place over a period of six months, dubbed the ‘Travelodge Future of Sleep’ study, and conducted by futurologist Ian Pearson. It specifically focuses on how hotels in 2030 will be equipped to help people sleep better.

Some of the ways that the study showed how sleep with be revolutionized include:

  • Active contact lenses that will allow slumbering hotel-goers to watch TV
  • Futuristic sleepwear that will massage sleepers or collaborate with the sleeper’s dreams
  • Sleep cycle alarms that will pick the best time for the sleeper to wake up once their sleep cycle has been completed
  • Dream management in which you can learn a new language in your sleep