Coldplay Music Voted Most Sleep-Inducing

Do you listen to music while you fall asleep? A lot of people do, and those in the U.K. have indicated that their favorite slumber music is from the band Coldplay.  The British branch of the motel chain Travelodge announced that finding from their recent survey.

According to Travelodge, here are the top ten musical acts that help Britons nod off:

1. Coldplay
2. Michael Buble
3. Snow Patrol
4. Alicia Keys
5. Jack Johnson
6. Taylor Swift
7. Mozart
8. Barry White
9. Leona Lewis
10. Radiohead

No word on why the respondents like to sleep to this music, but we’re assuming that people wouldn’t play music they DON’T like at bedtime.

The study also explored the U.K.’s bedtime musical habits, revealing that 84% of Britons reported that they think listening to music helps aid a good night’s sleep.

Source: Travelodge